Intumescent Paint & Cemeticious Coatings


E. J. Dalton & Associates Ltd. - has established an expert division, which may be called to site at any stage during, or after the installation of intumescent paint to structural steel, to verify that loadings required for members of steel are being, or have been achieved by the applicator and are being installed under the correct conditions. This means that independent verification may be carried out randomly and reported openly to all parties concerned without prejudice, or interest in financial gain within that contract. This service is offered to the Design Team, Fire Consultants, Main Contractor, Insurer’s of the Building & the Manufacturer’s of the Product. Inspection can be spot checking or complete analysis of the structure applied with the product, therefore cost can be kept to a minimum.

"It is the case that the certification offered by the applicators of intumescent paint on completion of the installation on site, is a certificate of compliance issued by that applicator. This certification rarely contains a third party guarantee or accreditation, therefore is not regulated and offered by a party with a financial interest in that contract".

Liability therefore, is limited to a Limited Company with a financial interest providing a certificate reliant on the integrity of its Management & Employees and the assets of that Company in the event of redress. Insurance cover is limited, if non existent in this area and assets of such companies are generally small when compared to the value of that construction contract.

"Faulty application of such fire protection measures within a building may have severe consequences in the event of a fire, to structure, property and life".


Standards & Accreditation


E. J. Dalton & Associates Ltd. - supply a specialist service with accreditation to the Institute of Corrosion (UK) to Level 2 (Fireproofing), - "Fireproofing Inspector". Equipment used during all testing conforms to BS 5411(11), BS 3900(C5), ISO 2178, ISO 2802, BS EN ISO 1461, DIN 50981, ASTM B 499, BS EN ISO 19840. Depth gauges can measure from 00 microns up to 5000 microns.

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